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Welcome to The Elemental Empire! In this clan we will have scheduled tournaments hosted by yours truly, Ilovethisgame12. We will also have SE Combats with our neighboring clans such as The Not Clan, Raging Infernos, Empires Throne, and Team Zenith! Also Livestreams will be posted here 2-3 days before(So you can see it) Don't Forget to check out my Channel! ... kOFEvDLpa3SX87r5WvoQ
How to Join

Easy,Just fill out a application and you should be accepted in less than a day.(Must have a rating of 1300 and above to join tournaments, sorry)

Additional features

In addition,Join the clan,and if you subscribe to my channel, You will get Free membership(Yes,i do buy membership but please no more than 1 account, Spamming for membership will eventually get you Kicked out and your membership cancelled)

Invite your Friends 

Feel Free to invite any of your Fellow friends to join this Clan,And don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

Welcome to the Family

Again my friends thank you for joining this Clan, and hope you refer us to other people and Friends.

Feel Free to look around and submit a application, Hope you enjoy!!!!!!
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