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Elemental Empires Strategy of DeathMatch By VVasIM
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9th Jul 2016

Hello,Elemental is the fantastic Empire of SE,and it has ability to win faster than that of any other empire in
Game Guide:-
Earth Elemental
A cheap basic ground unit with a stun attack. It can also transform into a miner.
Water Elemental
Quick support unit with mass heal and cure upon death. Also has ability to freeze an enemy into a block of ice.
Air Elemental
A flying range unit that casts a powerful bolt of lighting on a single target.
Fire Elemental
A ranged ground unit that throws a ball of fire. This unit can kite and its projectile causes burn damage.
Charrog - Earth + Fire
Heavy armored ground infantry with the ability to burrow and burn.
Cycloid - Water + Air
A flying melee support caster with the ability to protect units and throw powerful stunning tornados.
Treature - Earth + Water
A massive slow moving caster that can spawn Scorplings and suck life from its enemies.
Infernos - Air + Fire
A powerfull caster with the ability to summon the mighty dragon "Vastolis" and call down a rain of fire.
Scortch Spell - Water + Fire
The most powerful known explosion that will cause mass knock back and burn damage
Blind Gate - Earth + Air
A temporary gate rises from the ground that the enemy cannot see past.
Mr.V Earth + Water + Air + Fire
                                            Death Match Strategy
1st:-At start set up miners on gold fast.
2nd:-Get Miner Hustle.
3rd:-Get the Tower Spwan1.
4th:-Build 1 fire,1 Air,2 Water and 3 Earth Elemental.
Do these things within 10 seconds,after doing this when u reach at tower u have to buy a Earth again and a Water,and till end buy Water and Earth to produce Trees.(Trees=Win)
Go for tower wait for ghost,and when ghost appears run with him towards enemy base and start attack.Don't wait for anything Ele has the power to win withing 2 minutes i have won 99%Matches within 2 minutes.
Conditions for Order:-
Q1:-What if enemy had MagiKill?
Ans:-Get Mr V
Q1(B):-What if enemy kill Mr V with Ninja?
Ans:-Ninja ability 2 takes time and they can't get that ability fast,they can attack once,but Ice will freeze them.
Q2:-What if enemy made CrossBowMan,spears and Meric?
Ans:-Target CrossBowMan with Air and Fire and also target them with trees,order can produce 3 CrossBowMan in under 2 minutes so u can kill CrossBowMan Easliy.Than you can win easliy.
Q3:- What if enemy gone turtle?Made 2 castle Archers?
Ans:-You can destroy your enemy in 2 minutes,i.e mess trees at their base,key to win is mess tress at their base.
Conditions for Chaos:-
Q1:-What if enemy uses Eclipsors and Juggs?
Ans:-Target Eclipsors with Fire and Air and also with Trees.
Q2:-What if enemy uses Marrowkai ?
Ans:-Freeze them with ice and target Marrowkai with your all units.
Q3:-What if enemy uses Madusa?
Ans:-Freeze Madusa than kill Madusa.
Q4:-What if enemy uses Deads?
Ans:-Than it will be easy win for you,just build Infernos and attack them.(With trees you can defeat Deads easily)
Conditions for Elemental vs Elemental:-
Build 2 earth,2water,2air,2 fire and go to tower,if enemy is fighting for tower fight him,and if u get chance scorch him,if he is not fighting for tower just get tower spawn,and than build trees and start attacking.
You can ask any Questions regarding Elemental and i will ADD question in this thread and i will answer it.
If you want to try this live vs me you can Add me,ToWxMinkRa#557,VVasIM#965 or Waseem1104#903
I am Creating Videos for it,a short video but usefull.

Scorch:- ... 868&version=2.05
Apply this also When u get chance of Scorch
REPLAYS:- ... 407&version=2.05 ... 426&version=2.05 ... 473&version=2.05 ... 922&version=2.05 ... 336&version=2.05 ... 353&version=2.05 ... 353&version=2.05 ... 408&version=2.05 ... 411&version=2.05 ... 743&version=2.05 ... 791&version=2.05 ... 868&version=2.05 ... 723&version=2.05 ... 703&version=2.05 ... 654&version=2.05 ... 342&version=2.05 ... 822&version=2.05 ... 781&version=2.05 ... 735&version=2.05 ... 544&version=2.05 ... 263&version=2.05 ... 602&version=2.05 ... 573&version=2.05 ... 547&version=2.05 ... 161&version=2.05 ... 145&version=2.05
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