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My strategy (order)
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6th May 2016

Hello, This is my first post on this Forum. Hope you enjoy it...

So, What you wanna do is when the battle begins train an Archer and a Sword Wrath and go capture the middle. And bring 1 more Sword Wrath to the middle. Now start doing 2 miners, 1 Sword Wrath 3 times. You'll have 8 miners, 6 Sword Wrath's, 1 Archer at that point. Train 2 Archers. And get 2 more miners and put them on praying - mode (w/e) At that point. You'll have 39 population/units. (Unless my calculations were completely wrong). Then, Train:

10 Spartans (Unlock both of the abilities (optional)
3 Meric's (No need for her abilities)
1 Magikill (Unlock both of the abilities (MUST)


Shield Wall (Spartan) (MUST)
Shield Bash (Spartan) (Optional)
Poison Spray (Magikill) (MUST)
Magikill Wall (Magikill) (MUST)
Fire arrows (Archer) (Optional)
Miner wall (Miner) (MUST, 2 Of them)
Resilience (Castle) (MUST)
Castle Archer 3 (Castle) (MUST )

That's it. Most of the times i wait until they attack, Because i have 2 Miner walls. 3 Archers on the castle. And a lot of archers. So, Whenever their units die in front of your massive army. Attack and don't stop. Rip English forgive meh plz :L 
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15th May 2016

this would fall if you got to highter rank, here are some mistake:
1. make more sword whould wasted your gold cus they are weak and your enemies can make more archer
then g kiting the shit out of them
2.more miner allway help you with your eco keep making them until you have 14 on gold mining and 3 on mana
3.if you make to many spear then your enemies can giant spam with magickill and meric or some thing like that it whould beter to have some suport shouldn't play turtle if you got the uper hand, offensive is the key to victory should upgade meric abilities if your enemies also have magickill, it only cost 100gold/mana but very effective
well that all I got, hope this is useful

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15th May 2016

well you do realise archers are useful than swordwrath anyway you might lose because you didnt have tons of archer

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